“Rocky Rocky ra ra ra!”

“We’re all misfits toys in the loneliest island in this world. In our whole lives we try to find one piece that would fill up our broken pieces and wounds and when we do, that is called love. Everyone claims perfection but, everyone really is left out from the world, one day you just realize that the world moves on with amazing pace and you have to change and choose to be the same. Being “cool” isn’t what is needed, what you need to be at the end of the day is yourself.”


I can’t help but say something bright whenever I see “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. The cult movie has always been a warm spot of brightness for me, something that makes me feel good about myself. Particularly because it does not try to fit in at all.

It is a movie filled with vibrant sexual expression and songs that would become the staple in the world as the time passes by. Over time sexuality and sexual expression has become quite common in the films but, back then the movie’s perception in itself was complete bravado.
The film is beautiful in that sense, it creates the same sense that listening to “Bohemian Rhapsody” does, an euphoria of going into something you have never sen before. However, in here it must be said that the movie in itself is nothing special.

It has a ho-hum story, a great musical line-up and pretty much alright acting. However, Rocky Horror, or other cult movies in the same vein have never been cinematic genius. The appeal of Rocky Horror lies in the experience it provides. it is not a film to be enjoyed by wrapping yourself in a blanket and watching it on the PC.
It is something you have to enjoy. Call up your friends and stand together as you dance in leather tights with boas around your necks.


This is also the movie I remember Susan most fondly from, maybe because she plays such a great character. In fact while there might not be really great acting from the cast, their is star quality in all of them and the movie exploits that to it’s advantage.

Rocky Horror is a movie that tells you to let go and enjoy yourself for some time. it is like that pop album that lies in the back of your music shelves and gathers dust but, also never fails to entertain when you need it the most.

I do not know if this movie will be remembered 20 years from now, but, for now it is saved by the teenagers who still have themed parties. This has the protection of fandoms which embrace it as one of their own. Maybe years after I would stop liking it too, but, right now, it is vibrant and for once, I would love to dance to its tune.