It is not an idea that drives the person to insanity and yet, I was driven into insanity by an idea alone. The intimacy of love being crumbled by the hierarchy which does not accept it. It drove me to the creation of this blog. My main motivation for this blog would always remain social justice issues but, this will also have my musings about books and movies. It’s a rather personal blog I will admit. I am an deist in nature though, I do tend to lean towards atheism. I believe that God if he does exist, would be a personal who chooses to remain detached from his creations.
I do not have any political leanings, and I would love to see one political party being practical in bringing about a change to the world (instead of being either an idealist, or being a person who does it for their own profit). I am pro-choice (though I do understand that this is a debate that will never be truly settled) and I am a feminist.

For my posts you can search through categories

  • I would continue “Understanding Feminism” for as many days as I can, and address feminist issues.
  • “Social Justice” would have a look at society
  • I would put book reviews (which are often angry) in the “Book Reviews” section
  • And I would rarely muse about movies in the “Movies” section
  • I cannot guarantee that the Uncategorised section would be empty, but, it would probably have only some personal posts.

I would love to hear from you, and any day if you are having personal problems, just contact me.. 😀


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