Omnipotent Sorrow

Ruby zoned out as the panorama passed by her with amazing velocity. If she were a dogs she would have liked to put her tongue out the window but, she could not now. So, she just looked out as the taxi, a passing yellow color on the darkened streets ran through the place. Kolkata, The city of joy seemed to be blurring away as the cab caught speed. it was a piece of old architecture along with the city itself. The new cars were everywhere, all from the airport, ferrying passengers to their respective places. She was the only one in the taxi that looked so old.
She looked at the driver for a moment and then lowered her eyes. She did not wish to talk, she just wished to go back now. She felt that she had been wrong all along, and that a small phone call might still repair their relationship. Still, she did not know how to apologise.
“We’re here ma’am .”
The driver’s voice roused her from her stupor and she hurried outside. The people helped her with her luggage and there she was. A nice hotel at the heart of an old city with thoughts of a person she had left behind by miles and miles. She wished that she could cry more.
She ;looked out of the window and saw the first semblance of morning light. The various people started working in the street. The hawkers set up their shop and the cars whirred away lost in their own thoughts. They did not care that a woman was sad in the hotel.
The hotel boy gave her some provisions and then again she was alone.
“Ma’am if you need anything, please give me a call.” The 20 something boy had told her
Well she did need someone but, she was unavailable in here. He was so far away. Why did sorrow hit her when she thought that she had gotten over it? She did not know.
She started planning out her holiday. They had included so many things in her package and she could go to all these places. She watched the swirling lines and words she had written on notebooks, it made her feel safer. She had a plan this time, and nothing could go wrong.
She started crying again, the thoughts were plaguing her mind at the time. She could not escape them no matter how hard she tried. it was like everyone had come together to hurt her. And they would do so too, no matter how hard she tried to redeem herself. it was all in the plan she did not understand. She wished that she could mourn.
The cacophony on the street continued. Some lady across the street shouted curses at her husband as Ruby buried her face in the pillows. This was not an escape. it was just another more elaborately designed cage made to cause her sorrow. To remind her that she had left behind one of the few people who ever loved her true.


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