New Horizons

“Ma’am your plane is that way.”
Ruby did not want to get away this bad. She was mulling over the thought even while standing in line at the airport. it had all happened so fast and now she was going on a journey to the unknown. It was possibly the greatest thing that could happen to her at this point. It made her feel like she was some princess going on a vacation. Everything working through, every rhythm falling onto the perfect beat. it made her feel special.
When she was young she would often wonder how the princesses were treated by the people. She would imagine the expansive places and think of how the people would worship her. She would imagine the plethora of men who would court her. The belle of the town who would dance like she was the only person in the world who mattered. She had wanted to be that way for as long as she remembered.
“Why are you doing this to yourself Ruby?” Kara had asked her.
Ruby had smiled and walked away. That music had stopped playing in her life ever since the moment that Louise had let. She was running away now, and if she stopped and looked back, everything may just fall apart again.
The plane lifted off, and she felt nauseous. She looked at the people around her. A woman was trying to make sense of all the things around her in the seat before her. beside her a bald man peered over the porn magazine with an interest that would rival a teenage boys. Her eyes fixated on a couple though. They were just beside her. the woman lay her head softly on the guy’s shoulder and the guy looked at her as if she was the most important thing in the world. Ruby wished that she would have that someday, but, right now she did not have any time for dealing with all that.
She was going away, onto India. Trying to find an identity like Roberts did in “Eat,Pray, love”, the only difference would be that she would avoid all men religiously. What had they ever brought her except heartbreak and pain anyway. it made her feel sadder every time she thought of it. Louise, dear old Louise was busy in his own world. Away from her, oblivious to the pain that he had caused. He would not care either. Even if she had gone to his home and told him how she felt. Told him how the glass panes had shattered in pressure, and how the blood had leapt like the fires of hell. He would just laugh and think that it was some sort of rambling from a mad ex. He could not possibly miss her. He could not possibly.
“Would you like some food ma’am?”
“Can I have one of your sandwiches?”
Ruby looked out the window, past the bald man who sat beside her.
The clouds flew away with a great velocity, a remnant of the life that she was leaving behind.
A remnant of the way her heart raced when she thought of Louise


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