Moving On

Ruby delved into her ice-cream while watching the “Pretty Woman” for the 5th time in a row. She knew all the dialogues but, it just made sense to her now. it had been just a week or two since, she had broken up with him. The first few days were all about being happy and free and then there was that note at the doorstep, and it had hit her. Louise left a note before he got onto a ship to leave.

“Dear Ruby,

I know you do not love me and I do not complain. How could I have even believed that you will love me back. I am insignificant and wrong and I do not belong, so, goodbye. I have some work right away so I would not be able to be here for you. I do not think it is awfully good to celebrate this break up with you either. So, goodbye. I will talk to you later.



Simple as that. Ruby’s iron clad demeanor was reduced to that of a mewling baby’s. Kara was nowhere to be found; gone away on a honeymoon with her precious Joh. So she was left to cry without anyone to aid her through the motions and it ended here. An endless replay of the Julia Robert’s DVD and ordered pizza and ice cream. The shop owner had ordered her to go home after she broke down crying while talking with a customer, and tried to teach a baby about the intricacies of relationships.

Then the newspaper vendor had quite delivering stuff to her room because she had invited him and made him late for his day job. it was as if she could not do anything right. She wanted to crawl up in a fetal position and let it all pass away. But, then again she could not do that. She did not care for herself enough to do something like that. it was just one of her depressive moods, it would pass through, like every other mood did.

She had never paid much attention to the fact that she ate like this whenever she was sad. neither did she pay attention to the fact that she was by and far the most unstable person in a relationship ever. She wished that someone would just come and hug her, and then leave her alone too, because she could not commit beyond a certain point. It was like she was forever wedged between th horns of dilemma without any chance of getting out.

Not that she had not tried anyway.

She looked at the screen as Gere embraced Roberts and sighed. She could have chosen that ending for herself and Louise she just had to be stupid and choose this one. She needed to leave this place and make way to somewhere where she would not be thinking these thoughts. She thought back to one of the things that she had been gifted with because of her associations.

“Hello.” She dialed the number off an old folded paper, “Is this the High Tea Society? I am Sarah Parker’s friend, she asked me to call you about some vacation package.”


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