Keys Gone Missing

Ruby looked at the clock as she walked into the cafe. She wanted it to be 5 o clock already. She missed being with Louise, and they had missed so many of their meetings because of the silly fights they had been having. She mulled over the things that had happened over the past few days. She had cried a lot because of the things that she had done. She had made a fool of herself in front of all the customers at the store, and moreover, she had made a fool of herself in front of John,
When he and Kara came with him she had thought that she would welcome him with open arms.
“Hey Rubes. I believe you wanted to meet him properly.”
“Yes, I did,” She had smiled her best smile seeing the guy who walked in.
“Hello. ” john’s voice was sweet
“Hello, I am sorry that I could not stay longer at your wedding.”
That was the time she should have checked herself but, she could not. it opened the floodgates and then a lot of stuff happened. She knew that Kara possibly would not ever call her again. it was fair enough too. Why should she? She had spent over an hour crying on the shoulder of her recently wedded husband.
Still, the texts had given her some sort of hope.
“I am sorry Rubes, I felt bad that you were leaning on him but, you would never have an ulterior motive in these cases. I am at fault here.”
Kara had clearly stated in a message and well that made Ruby happy.

However, Louise was a different matter. The fact that he had disconnected that call had made her angry. She could not fathom it, why would he disconnect a call with her. Did he not love her? Could he not have stayed for a while?
She could not deal with both of her most important relationships falling apart at the same time. it seemed that Louise was more concerned about Kara than Kara was concerned about herself. And it affected her. She wished that she could fathom his mysteries and know.

“Sorry am late.”
The same smile, the same way of talking. Nothing really had changed.
When Louise sat down, he held her hand ever so slightly. Yet, she removed her hand as fast as she could. She was not ready for this. She was not ready for talking to him openly about this. She looked at him for a moment before lowering her eyes again.
“You will still punish me for what I did?”
“What did you do Louise?”
Louise stopped and reevaluated his position, he himself did not comprehend the facts of what he had actually done to deserve a punishment. She had just broken out and screamed at him two days before because of him disconnecting the call.
He looked at her and she was staring.
He went mum and looked away. Whatever could he do to make it up to her anyway?
He did not have any excuses for her.


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