Jostling Jerks

“You left Ruby, without even saying a word.”

“I told you I am sorry.”

“Sorry does not cover the fact that you left.”

“I could not deal with with Louise.”

“But, you have to.”

At this point, Ruby wished that she could throw away her phone. It was not her fault that she had walked out, she just could not deal with the pressure of the wedding all at once. It made her feel like she was being suffocated. So, she had left, it was not a huge deal per se, Kara had forgiven her, she understood but, then there was Louise.

She was on the verge of tears through the day. The feelings of animosity got to her. She wished that she could wipe them all off, but, it was not that easy. She wanted to cry and scream at him.

The phone rang again.

“Hey Ruby.”

“I am sorry Louise.”

“You don’t have to be sorry Rubes.”

She stopped and then started crying. Nothing could stop her now.

Louise stood silent listening to her weep.

“I am sorry for doing all these I will just learn to hide these stupid things. I am sorry! I am sorry!”

“Ruby, it’s alright.”

“No it isn’t. I am a jerk.”

“No you are not Ruby. Stop.”

“I… I… am… so sorry..”

Louise sighed as he sat down again. Whatever could he do.

Ruby wept over the phone, as he disconnected the call.


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