Iridescent Expectations

Louise ate his fill and tried to make Ruby eat hers. She was struggling with the frilly dress that the bride of the day had bought her. It was beautiful all the same, she was just not used to eat. She seemed to be breathless most of the time with all the things that was happening around her.

“Are you okay?” He asked her, trying to get her to stop moving.

“I am fine.”

Her voice revealed the pain that she was hiding. it had been a long week for them. The reconciliation, the endless tears and the last letter from John. He shuddered when he thought of the letter that arrived at their doorstep only last day. Ruby had just been short of breaking down when she read it through. On the plus side she had become more and more happy about the fact that the relationship was really coming into fruition. Even if she was sad because of it.

Louise had snuck the letter in and read it somehow.

“Dear Ruby,
I know you do not think I am good for your friend Kara. i know that you are right, I will never be good enough for her. But, I do not think that anyone can be meant for another too. I will try to help her like you did over all the years. I know we have not talked much, and you possibly know me only as the guy who spends most of his time in your best friend’s bed. However, I am trying to be with her with all my heart and I am trying to make sense of this love thing. I know that you do not like me. But, for Kara’s sake, can you give me a try?

To be fair, it was only a note but, Ruby had broken down. It was hard for her to give up the friend who had been with her for so long and it was showing.

“Can we leave?”

She had been crying and she held him close. The dance music was playing again. Louise pushed her away and stared onto her face, hoping for her to change somehow and accept.

“No, you will stay.”

She hid her face and then went on her way. it was beginning to end but, she felt defeated. Kara was smiling away on another corner talking with all her beaus. She downed another drink and looked around. Everyone expected her to be the maid of honor, the person who would be the most beautiful in her attitude and behavior. The last addition to the bridal package but, she was nothing like that. She had even dragged Louise into this place, he must have felt sad.

“I am so sorry.” She penned down the apology note and stuck it on her gift before she walked away.

The place was filled with all sorts of people, all laughing, celebrating life. She was the only one holding onto her dark jacket and walking away from it all, something told her that it was the most festive thing she could. She would just worsen the mood if she stayed.

About Louise, Louise could wait…


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