Hunger Pangs

Louise stared at Ruby with fear written across his face. She was on her her third bar of ice cream now, and she was showing no signs of stopping. He had tried to giggle a few minutes ago and that had been faced with a fiery “don’t you dare” stare too. He looked helplessly at the kitchen and the bedroom. The places had become messy after just two days of Ruby’s arrival, and she showed no signs of stopping. He almost regretted it, saying that he would take care of her.

“Something you got to say?” Ruby’s voice cut like a knife.

“No ma’am.” Louise slowly turned away.

Alright it was getting to be ridiculous. The place was messy as hell, she was not budging from her place, and she certainly was not learning anything about Kara. it was obvious that she would be upset about her, but, her marriage was coming first. Louise thought back to the time.

“It’s next weekend.” Kara quipped as she bought home one of her hubby’s gifts.

Now, Ruby had been reasonable up till then. He had tried and calmed her to a certain point. However, that was the breaking point.

“No engagement time then?”

“None, we want to get married as soon as possible.”

“Why? So, that you can have all his money.”

Louise had looked at Ruby with a certain disbelief written on his face. he knew she could be cruel but, he did not know that she could be that cruel to anyone except for him possibly.

Then, Kara had shown her the way out. Two days had passed and they were sitting in his apartment with her being busy either stuffing her mouth with food or crying. He felt bored as hell. the food will run out at this pace soon.

“Bring me sausages.”

He stared at Ruby again, hoping that his fiery stare would somehow calm her down. She looked disastrous, dark circles and all. It seemed like she had not slept for a millennium.

She broke down.

He stared at her for a moment and then went up to hug her. It was the least he could do anyway.


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