Gone with the groom

“You? Marrying a guy?”
“Me. Marrying a guy.”
Louise thought he could cut the tension in the air with a knife. Kara and Ruby were sitting staunchly in their places and staring at each other with the concentration only rivaled by a teenager on the finals of a tournament in FIFA. He gulped down the last bit of water.
The solitaire on Kara’s hand was huge, by his standards anyway. The woman had finally caught a big fish it seemed and she was eager enough to get married. Maybe he was being a cynic but, Kara was the last person he had thought would marry and here she was, sitting there in front of them engaged to a guy whose name he did not even know.
“I don’t buy it.” Ruby said sipping on her tea.
“You don’t have to buy it, just be my bridesmaid.”
“You have a date already?”
“Kind of.”

Ruby wanted to stand up and slap Kara. She did not think that Kara would be the kind of person to go and get married in a jiffy, much less the person who would get married before her. John, she thought of the guy, he was hot, and young and always resourceful. Always filled with little ideas and ideals of himself. Always being so happy. It made her sick.

“Why?” She asked out of desperation.
“I don’t know. He seems right somehow.”
“That is not an answer Kara.”

Kara looked at her phone to distract herself. She knew she could not get out of this. She had somehow fallen into a trap. A trap between the perfectly sweet boyfriend and the perfectly angry friend. In fact she herself did not know why she had said yes so fast. She just wanted to marry now, not that she needed it but, with John she was sure that it would be good.

Plus, he said such sweet things.

When she looked back at Ruby she knew that it was pointless to tell her that. She just knew that it would not work out. She knew her too well. She then looked at Louise, trying to distance himself. The guy did not know what he had walked into when he agreed to tag with Ruby today. She sighed and turned away.

“Please don’t go away from me Kara.”

Ruby said the words with some difficulty and started walking away. Kara sat there silently waiting for her to disappear. Louise sat with the same confusion as he stared at her.

“You did not go?” Kara smiled at him.

“No, I know she thinks she is right but, it is your decision. I just hope it is a good one.”

Kara looked at Louise with wonder in her eyes. She knew why Ruby did not want to hurt him, because he was so precious. Maybe, because he would be there for her even when Kara would be gone.

“We had a bet you know? She said that if I get married ahead of her, she would stop fiddling around and get married too.”

Louise smiled.

“I would be gone Louise, please take care of her for me, will you?”


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