Forever Free

Louise stared at phone as Ruby sang an old rock ballad. It was dawning on him, the fact that he was so terribly lonely without her. He stopped the playback and stared at the white ceiling.

After the fight he had tried to make it up to Ruby, but, she had been stubborn. Possibly she was right in being stubborn too, he had been so critical of her when he started. he had made fun of her job, and everything else she stood for. Then, she had burst a fuse, become the woman that he knew for the past few years. he smiled at the thought. it was alright, that anger was the cutest thing that he had ever seen in a woman. Her nostrils would flair and she would become as red as a tomato as she screamed. Of course, then she would cry. She would cry because she had been rude to someone. It escaped Louise how could she contain those two personas within herself without bursting.

Ruby stared at her phone with an amused face. 24 missed calls already and Louise had not been gone for even a day. it was not that she did not wish to call him, but, at the end of the day, she really hoped that she would be less angry before she did. it was not like he was not used to waiting.
“Did ya call him Rubes?” Kara’s voice interrupted her thoughts.
“I will wait for some days still.”
Kara peered at her phone and then continued on. Ruby was cruel when she wanted to be, and seriously speaking, Louise deserved some of the flack that he had gotten. Still, she knew that Ruby would hurt herself by not calling him. She wanted to call her out on that, but, still, she knew that she could never do that. Not with Ruby, the girl was too proud.

Louise wanted to burst out, he wished that he would scream and scream until someone would take notice. So, many calls and all went unanswered. he did not want to wait anymore, and he did not want to go to her apartment, However, what else could he even do, it was not like he had anything that would make him better. He could take out a bike and injure himself probably, but, the “Twilight” stuff did not work anymore. And he was not thrilled about being on the bike. He stared at the whitewash and then at the guitar. Well, he could sing the song that she sang, but, would that mean anything? It was about a bike ride he could never give, about a romance that he would not fulfill. However, it was also about something much bigger.

The guitar tune carried in from the window as Ruby sat on her bed reading a book. It was a band she had known very closely while growing up. It was a voice she had thought, she would never near singing.

She smiled as she looked out the window. The disgruntled neighbors all stood near Louise, with angry faces clearly showing thei discomfort. It was not very British to make up with your girlfriend this way.


Louise stopped and looked upwards, he smiled.

“Come on up.”


“Leave the guitar downstairs, I don’t ever want to hear you sing again.”

Ruby laughed as Louise blushed crimson and hurried inside.

A/N : Been busy all week, sorry for being late


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