Epistolary Messages

Text messages exchanged


“Leaving early today, saw you sleeping deeply, decided not to wake you up. Sleep well honey.”

“louise!!!! I was late for my job, WHY THE HELL DIDN’T YOU WAKE ME UP”

“*creeper voice* I like watching you sleep honey”

“I could have bloody lost my job you shithead.”

“Orly? And whod that old guy employ?”





“I am sorry Ruby darling.”

“I am in the shop. Will be late. Bye.”

“Oh come on I was only joking.”

“Am not angry, bye.”

“Its bloody 2 p.m, no one is there in the shop.”

“Its my job. Bye”



“Calm yet?”

“Bugger off mate”

“I am getting the angry Australian treatment. Wow!”

“Can’t you for one moment consider me?”

“I was only joking dear.”

“Well, it wasn’t funny.”



“Hey, you know I can’t sleep without your good night texts.”

“Good night, I hope you don’t wake up tomorrow”

“Love you baby”



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