Dazzling Decadence

There is a certain romance in gifts and all things that come with them. You let go of your responsibilities and let your love be reflected only through instruments. There is no morality in such love, some people might say but, you do not care. You take your diamonds and let it dazzle your soul, you mistake it’s shine for your love, and you think that it is the end of all.

Ruby stared at the diamond on her finger as Louise smiled at her. It had just been to weeks. And in passage Louise had spent a fortune on her, to show how happy and ho great he felt. It was bearing down on her now, all that money that she never had the chance to spend in her childhood made a reappearance as they sat in the Belle Cafe.

“Is this part of some proposal Louise?” She asked, concerned.

“Not at all, I just saw it today near office and I wanted to gift you that.”

Louise saw a lot of wonderful things near his office. tickets to expensive yachts, personal invites to theaters, it almost seemed as if his banking job somehow had landed near the entertainment industry. It shocked Ruby so when he did this, like there were in some place with Gothic music playing and everything seems to be staged right there for you.

The music plays, the groom holds out a hand to his to be bride. The bride holds his hand and gets up. its is all swift motion. The band plays a composition of Chopin. Chaos ensues, the couples dancing apace. Everything is live and everything is dead all at once. The building cascades down to a splash of colors. Blacks become whites as the bride is whirled around and around. And stop.

Louise looked at Ruby with a smile on his face. He bent down and whispered a few sweet nothings, and then let it be. She laughed and stared around. Everyone was looking at the two people who got up to dance on the stage. Had love really been blind for this night? Had they truly forgotten about the people around them?

“He was perfect Kara.”

Ruby wished that she could try and indeed she had tried it before but, the tears won’t come. She loved being adored and treated like a princess, she loved the texts in the mornings and the hurried lunch dates.

“Is it real?”

“I don’t so, but, still.”

Kara looked at her friend’s fingers. Every so often Ruby was alone and would always do something to hurt herself. And Louise had always been there to save her.

“I will hurt him Kara. One day he would be there, and I won’t be and I would hurt.”

“No you won’t, not willingly.”

“I don’t want to become one of those people, that threw him away Kara. I don’t want to be the one who makes him realise that gifts aren’t the answer to all life’s problems.”

Her tears became sobs as she lay on Kara’s shoulder. It was dark to think so, but, yes Louise was getting too close. With Kara she could let go, but, with Louise? She would be scared. Always so scared.

Men often make fun of female bonding saying how fragile it is, but, with Kara and Ruby the fragility of the bonding was the strength. They were both in too deep to do anything without affection the other.



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