Abandonment Issues

“You will leave me too?”
“I have to take up this job, honey.”

Ruby looked out of the window to the orange sky, She did not want to acknowledge the fact that her best friend could be leaving. Just when she had started to build her life up again. It all felt so unreal. She tried to hold back her tears.

“Look at me honey.”

The warm touch of the hand made her turn. Kara always had this way of making everything seem alright. Even now, when it seemed to getting worse at every moment. She just could not conjure up the image of a life without Kara. She began to cry.

Kara had been the warm slice of life for her after Louise had left. She had helped her find her job, helped her with moving on and everything else. Now, that Kara would be gone…

“I have abandonment issues Kara. I won’t come to the airport.”

Kara smiled at her little friend.

“Never asked you to come Rubes. I hope you have a good day.”

Ruby watched Kara walk out of the cafe. She watched the waiters as they got working on their daily jobs again.

She sat there for a long while mulling over her thoughts. It was not as if it was the end of all. However, it was the beginning of a very sad chapter for her.

The thing about walking with sadness in middle of London is, the weather really hits you. Even when the sky is orange because of the setting sun, the perennial grey of the London sky touches your soul. Kara would have said something nice about the weather. Complimented it on the romance possibly, and Ruby would have smiled at her, teasing her for her follies.


“You do not pour oil like that!”
“There are ways to pour oil too?” Ruby let out an exasperated sigh.
“Oh come on, you have to learn to cook a little.”

Kara always annoyed her this way. Yet, she was the only sunshine in her life that was permanent. Ruby looked at Kara for a while as she took over the cooking. She looked so busy with herself.

“How is Louise dear?” Kara’s voice surprised her outright.

She blushed crimson as she looked at her friend. “H-He is alright I guess.

“No proposals lately?”

“None.” She smiled a little.

“Oh are you absolutely sure?”

“None, that I can tell you about anyway.”

“Oh come on, tell me, amuse me a bit”

She Started narrating…


6 thoughts on “Abandonment Issues

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  2. Very short fiction. Hopefully there will be more story in upcoming episodes to actually associate with the characters. Love the sadness line.

    Suggestion: Add comma before address, and maintain uniform line spacing in paragraphs.

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