Let us ban books from now on

No seriously, let us ban books. Let us go out and ban every book we see because people are gullible aren’t they? They must be gullible enough to be torn apart by any form of text. Wow! People misunderstand us, we aren’t stopping freedom of speech, we are helping them in making their decisions. They are too stupid to make that decision for themselves. Well, that is the standard message ain’t it? In any country in the world we go to, people who assume themselves as leaders of men, step on the others and say “YOU SHOULD NOT READ THAT BOOK” because obviously they are much more learned than us and they have an authority to decide what we do and don’t read. They are smarter, more intelligent. They are our masters. Anything that doesn’t suit them, must not suit anybody that are “beneath” them and hence, must be removed.



In India following a class action suite against the book “The Hindus : An Alternative History” by Wendy Doniger, the book was pulled out of stores by Penguin. The outrage was huge and people said that it portrayed Hinduism in a very bad light. Well, I would admit that I have not read the book (as of yet) and I do not get the rage at all. My problem is with the banning itself.

Why the hell would you ban a book? I have read several books that are disgusting for me, that effect my morality and go against my normal thoughts. They haven’t actually influenced me to go out and torch people’s homes because they weren’t co-herent with my thought processes. I do not think that reader’s are children. people who would read this book would at least have some basic knowledge about Hinduism, a faith that they could rely on.

Are you implying that your God, an immortal, an infinite being is so petty as to be affected by the slander of a mortal woman? Are you implying that your faith is built upon such shaky foundation that a few words would corrode it?

Do not be that person.

India has a long history of this. Taslima Nasrin, M.F. Hussain. Children of our own soil are thrown away from home because we do not appreciate their creative vision.

Who are we getting angry against and for what? I do not believe that the foundation of our religion is so shaky as to warrant banning of books because they cause slander to our Gods. People need to view books in a critical eye. And people need to be treated with more respect. Respect people’s intelligence and intellect and above all respect an author who has viewed things critically.

We need critical thinkers, and not people who would ban books just because they could not accept another person’s view.


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