Understanding Feminism : A Look Back at Childhood

Prejudice has been a prominent part of any generation that has come before us. Prejudices have been used to define people and their races and cultures for ages to the point that it has become rooted in our culture. We might choose to ignore it but, the fact remains that it is a very huge problem, even now.

ImageHowever aware we might be to the problem these prejudices tend to be prevalent in all mindsets. We create different spaces for children, and from a very tender age these stereotypes are hammered into their mindsets thus, causing an illusion that women are supposed to carry out different roles than men.

This might be right from the childhood, where we give different sets of toys to male and female children. The female child is automatically given toys that are involved with setting up kitchens and barbies for playing dress up. While, the men are given cars and action figures. I know of a guy (who cries at romantic movies with me) who wanted to play dress up with Barbie as well as keep his Spider Man figurine and was never allowed to. Why?
Because it was thought that in his best interest that even as a child he play only what suited him in accordance to his GENDER.

This is the way we start changing the lifestyles of the male and female kids and sadly the males do receive prominence.

In India specially I have seen parents who would not care much about their daughter’s future but, worry about the son’s all the time. It makes for a really bad case. The boy smothered by expectations falls into a kind of depressive mindset and he blames his sister because she seems to have it so easy, and the sister blames the brother because the parents put so much more notice on him. Thus, begins the great divide and this sort of animosity between the two genders.

We are creating this differences for ourselves. We do not respect the fluidity of gender. At the end of the day, the harshest thing a boy could be called becomes “Girl”. As if women were not an entity by themselves but, a standard that a boy should not fall to. We breed this from a very tender age and then when a girl grows up and complains about the inequality, we find no reason.

In fact there no reason for these differences to be prevalent in society in this day and age. We are talking of a new order, we are celebrating feminism and at THIS AGE it is not only cruel to subject little girls to such prejudices, it is also amoral.

The thing is, patriarchy is and always will remain a social issue first. It starts in our home and then it spreads, like a cancerous cell spreads to other parts. We teach our sons that they should not be girlish and then we face this inevitable conclusion that he makes connecting feminine characters with weakness. We need to change and I hope some day we will


5 thoughts on “Understanding Feminism : A Look Back at Childhood

  1. I think we are changing already, at least our generation is. I see a lot of my friends who have kids in both genders not restricting the girl to Barbies and the boys to trucks and Super Hero Figurines. Probably the change in mindset has to start from our generation

  2. Hopefully, the world will get more and more equal. But the genders will never be identical: most boys will still prefer to play with cars — but we should never look down upon those who prefer to play with dolls. Gender is mostly, but only, a social construct.

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