“We don’t like you because you are fat”

See the title? This is a normal thing in today’s world. To declare our hatred for people who are fat or obese just because of the different bodies they are in. We become a flagship for a disease. Obese people are treated like they are the scum of this  Earth and that their bodies define who they are.

Rosseau in his famous discourse said that the arts and sciences and enlightenment in general cause us to become lovers of our own slavery. Though, I sternly disagree with his views, in this case I wish to agree. The media and representation in popular world has made us so complacent that we become insensitive to a group of very real people. We just do not care. We bully them and think that is good for them because well, it serves as motivation for them to loose weight. Never mind that some people might have actual diseases that prevent them from exercising for long hours and effectively loose weight, never mind that through bullying we might push them to do something drastic. We have become complacent and we don’t see our own faults anymore.

Fat shaming is a problem, it is a huge problem in the world. Not only because it creates depression in the minds of many but, because it even stops creative growth for people. We do THIS
We take a child who is obese in his childhood and remind him again and again and again that his fat is the only thing that people will notice in him. We pride ourselves in telling him that because it makes us feel like we are the protectors of society. However, we fail to notice that THE SAME CHILD hides his talents because he fears being rejected because of his weight. When he turns up to participate in a musical the teacher promptly says, “He doesn’t look like he has the rhythm!”
The outrageous nature of the idea that a CHILD does not have rhythm within him because his appearance is different.

We so subtly propagate this discrimination that soon it becomes our second nature. Now, I do not mind that you have some personal opinions on fat people. You are welcome to your opinions but, audibly making fun of us in the streets? How does that further your cause?
It is as it the fat people are this giant slab of meat that you can make fun of almost anywhere without people shouting back. We are that complacent about people’s feelings that we stop caring about the words we speak.

We teach our children about discrimination, make them shout slogans against racism. However, we fail to tell that in all these case discrimination was not something that the big people in the government created alone. Discrimination starts from home, from the lessons we give, from the issues we bring up and mostly from the words we say when we think they cannot hear us.
Why blame the children in this? How are they supposed to know how much it hurts when someone writes down “PIG” into the table you sit in?
They think it is all in good fun. And we defend them…

Never mind the girl who cries herself to sleep, never mind the boy who doesn’t get the meaning of living anymore, we defend bullying by saying that the child didn’t know better. I agree.


And even if we do, it is negated by the fact that the media does not care and propagates the same discrimination. Media flaunts discrimination in our faces and we eat it, eagerly.

We get this every single day. We get perfectly healthy girls who will starve themselves because of this ridiculous image created by popular journals.
We get boys who hide because they are afraid to be made fun of.

To be absolutely honest, I am afraid of being used. I am tired of being used.

Dear Stand Up Comedians, we do not live to provide you material for your jokes.

Dear Media Personalities, we are more than the silly character who does not get a partner in life.

Dear Fashion Industry, WE ARE NOT INVISIBLE

Even when plus sized clothes are marketed, the plus sized models are given the large sized versions of the zero size clothes, because God forbid the designers waste some of their time creating clothes for a whole section of society.

We do this. We take people and say they are their diseases. That obese people are just liabilities that we should cut down on. We make fun of a boy who earnestly works out in a gym and force him to skip it. We insult a female worker in office because that is our GOD GIVEN RIGHT.

The thing is, it has become way too easy for us, to discredit people, to make them feel ill with our words. And we do that.



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