What a Reviewer owes an Author

I would say that I am a harsh reviewer. Not someone who is so harsh that she makes the author cry, but, someone harsh enough to make them feel bad. I point out the flaws and I do not relent for the sake of the author. I do not sugar coat my views in caramel and I do not feel any need to do so. I know this is bad, and everyone must account for the people that are around them but, somewhere along the way you just have to make a decision about this sort of thing…
A reviewer may be completely kind to an author and point out everything they like and refer to their flaws only in passing. A reviewer may smile at the author and let it be. However, a reviewer is a friend. Often times people who would review books and movies are authors themselves and they know what they expect from a book. So, when someone says that a book is not up to the mark, they mean it.
When I review a book, I hold it up against every single book I have read. I put it and I think of what it might be and how it can improve. And I am unkind about it. I am unkind because I understand that when a relatively new reader would read the book, he might hate it, and he would not even try to feel for the author and it would be lost in a sea of hate. Much like “Twilight” or “Fifty Shades of Gray” were. 
You might say that the authors of those two books were vile. Were they really? They worked hard for their books and at some point their books became talking points and were hated on openly. I have had friends say to me that they would rather burn those books. They even make fun of the people who read such books ridiculing their every aspect. Can you imagine being such an author?

A reviewer may be unkind but, a reader can be cruel. A publisher can be cruel too. This is because unlike, the reviewer, the casual reader and the publisher would think of the book as a form of investment. A reviewer reads the book not just to derive joy from it, but, to form an independent opinion and let the people know. 
In that way, I am always harsh. Even when an amateur in music tags me in their post, I compare them to greats like “Pink Floyd” when I check them out. I try to understand what innovations they have put in, what changes they are bringing. Because inside I believe that everyone has the potential to be much more than just a popular author. I believe that everyone has the potential to become somebody that changes lives. That is the only reason why the main criterion for all my reviews is how much of an impact the book has on me even after a few days..

You see the truth of life is, sometimes the nights are larger than days. And sometimes you fall into a stupor and feel comfortable without anything. You sleep on a cozy bed oblivious of the hash winds that are blowing. However, not only the pedestrians are affected. Every wind is a ripple and every ripple affects you. Even if you are bathing in a glorious series of reviews that love you, that does not mean that those who dislike your book are not parts of your readership. The point is not to please everyone but, to make a book that would be as pleasing as possible. To write a book because it needs to be written and because a story needs to be told.

Every book reviewer reviews the titles being as objective as possible. Personally, I think that every review is personal to some extent because it is a book. You give to the authors your most intimate moments spend in loneliness lost in pages that they have linked with their hands. It is like a romance that has been bound time and time again by the bindings of a book. So, as a lover I would be harsh to you. For, I know that happiness lasts little, and I do not want anyone else to hurt you enough to erase you ability to bind the pages and rite a book again.
So, yes, hate your book reviewer as much you want but, I believe she also has a story to tell and even she thinks fondly of you and misses your writing sometimes left lonely in a train to nowhere…. 


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