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I do not know if I am alone in this, but, sometimes when I review a book I face a dilemma, a feeling that I can give this book a lot more marks but, will that be doing justice to the other books I have read earlier which are rated the same. This happens with the books that are entertaining and well written, and are one Midas touch away from being one of the books that will influence you forever. This is one such book….
This is a book that is entertaining but, it does not leave it’s touch on you and two nights after reading while you are sleeping you realise that the magic is fading…

See, I won’t lie. This is not a perfect book, but, I do not think writing is meant to be perfect. In term of stories it rivals Adite’s “The Indian Tycoon’s Marriage Deal” though the plot there is much more complex. This is an out and out romance, and the plot follows the simple, “boy meets girl” theme throwing in a lot of conflicts inside.

Saira and Rihaan are not exceptional characters in their own right. This is something I understood when I tried thinking of them in many more situations, there were parts that interested me immensely about the characters, and there were parts that made me feel like they were just “alright” characters. This does not mean they were bland of course, I just felt that they could be developed more thoroughly. Rihaan is very relatable though at points, he seems too aloof for his own good (not for me though, I always liked the dreamy eyed. 

The story progresses at a good pace throughout and the pace is something you can get adjusted to very easily. The winner is the way that they interact through the story and how the central characters are represented through dialogues. Also to be noticed is the beautiful colours associated with the story, it does not hide behind a pall and shout orders, it comes out and dances with the reade creating images that will stay with you for a long time. There are plenty delicious moments (next time I talk to Ruchi am asking her for the number of Rihaan, I need an oil massage for my back), though some of the erotic moments appear as slightly childish.

By the way, the moment I finished the book, I asked Ruchi if Rihaan would a good father, and she said yes. So, counting on that, all my blessings to the fictional couple, may they two produce enough children to fill the Thar desert..

And since, i do not get a respite until saying the last words, this is a beautiful story, a definite one time read for the romance fans. If you are a cynic though, you might be rolling your eyes at the story and I would not blame you. This is a book you can read a lot of times and it will feel like watching that one commercial Bollywood film which you watch again and again and enjoy (but, the night after feel angry for watching it).

  • Rating – 3/5

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