Adieu dearest M&B Hero (I won’t miss you)

ImageAdite’s book is a goodbye to the heroes that we grew up with in M&B books, the heroes who would sweep you off your feet, entice and excite you but, leave you wanting something more at the end of the day. What she does is create Krish, a character that is beautiful and understanding in a way that doesn’t hurt his performance in bed at all.

However, the best thing that the author manages to do is to keep sex as a part of the story and not something that overpowers and shoulders the story out of the picture.

Maya is a vengeful little minx who carries hate in her heart for Krish’s father. So, when he asks her for her hand in marriage, she agrees. Only she does not know the charm that Krish extends which she finds herself entangled in. This leads to a potentially heartbreaking moment..

At times Adite’s previous work as a business journalist shows off, we get paragraphs where the story begins reading like a newspaper report. There are also parts where the lengthy narrative style gets tiring. One wonders if more dialogues would have been better for this book…

The story is frankly very beautiful. Yet, there is something missing as you read the novel. The author frantically creates up tension in the first few chapters which leads to the huge letdown in the later ones. The book seems to become boring after a point of time even, it becomes a slow chronicle of a forlorn girl from a racy revenge thriller laced with romance. This is where the book fails to captivate. When your main characters are interesting and yet, your thoughts keep racing back to the other characters you need to start drawing the attention of the reader back to the book. However, the author fails to hold the pace and the story falters as a result.
By the end, I was counting the pages to get myself to read the novel.

The problem is how the story promises itself as a racy thriller, a revenge story, a slow and sad love story and doesn’t deliver on it. As a love story it is fine, but, it does not hold the pace.

About the sex, there is a scene where the boy licks the eyelids of the chick, good luck getting that out of your head.

Take heart in knowing that the author does not sacrifice good characters for the sake of erotic scenes in the story, take heart in knowing that even at its weakest the plot is something you will enjoy.. Take heart in knowing that Krish is a great character and that is not just owing to his performance in bed.

Read it once at least because we all need to get that raging alpha guy who is great in bed but, bad at any other kind of interaction out of our heads…

  • Rating – 2.5/5
  • Favourite Character – Maya