The Godfather Review


Much earlier an American friend said to me, “You can answer every question of your life with the wisdom you get from “The Godfather””

I never quite agreed. Maybe, it was the shock that the young me had gotten when she saw the head of the horse in the film, but, I thought Godfather was an amateurish movie making it’s name from the violence (I never did finish the movie, now I plan to).

The book is scary but, also very calming. There is something poignant in the world of the mafia. A world that Scorsese made me love with “Goodfellas”. I was sucked into the empire that Puzo creates. He brilliantly establishes plot and sub-plot and character with dexterity. This is surprising since, it is announced in the afterword that he had written it just to earn some money.

I am of the opinion that anything written for the sole purpose of making the deadline, or earning some dough will at the end of the day be crap. This book is a testament to the fact that I am wrong.
The book is essentially American to the point that you would start imagining things and making changes in your language by the time you have finished. I believe that an author who can influence to such an degree is great.

There are some inherent problems of course, sometimes when the book deters from the main part it goes into parts that are almost stupid. As much as I like Johny Fontane’s character on steady decline I cannot help but, feel that his arc is just an unnecessary addition to the story.

I would not tell you the plot since, that would be injustice towards the story but, you should be reading this, even if it’s just for once in your life..

Now, a short look into the book

  • Rating – 4/5
  • Favourite Character – Michael Corleone
  • Least Favourite Character – Carlo Rizzi
  • Favourite Quote – “Lawyers can steal more money with a briefcase than a thousand men with guns and masks.”

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