An Open Letter

To the presiding judge at the supreme court ruling today,

I am not an articulate person and today I feel angry. You should notice by the name of my blog as well. I wish I could be the gushing and blushing bride as I start this blog but, I am angry and you know why? Because facing all that has been a sign for representing my country for the past few years I took solace in the fact that at least we were not criminalizing love.
I am no advocate so I do not know the legal procedures and words that would entice you to change your opinion. I am just a woman who is writing from the safety of her home. yet, this affects me. Why? Because I never had the courage to admit that I have been attracted to the same sex in earlier times, neither did I have the courage to admit that in some ways I also wanted to experiment with the same sex to know whether it could be good for me.
What are we stopping by criminalizing gay sex? Are we stopping homosexuality? No.
Homosexuality is something that is very closeted in India. The children are afraid to come out to their parents because they think they will be ridiculed. If you say that you are attracted to someone of the same sex to your peers, you are looked down at with complete disgust and in some cases, you are bullied into a corner. So, w end up with a society that showcases an acceptance for homosexuality outside, but, inside, it is broken and people are condemned to the same fate as they were always condemned to.
However, the law brought hope. it came to me at a time when I was vastly unaware that homosexuality existed. this things are not taught at school, and thus, we kind of start to believe that this is something forbidden, while, it is perfectly legitimate. So, we have this people who are passed out of school, unaware that their attraction to their own gender is natural, and the people who are against it are the ones in the wrong.
I believe that would be a legal conclusion if I were to say this in court. I am smiling here, because I hope I am never in court inf front of you because with the rage that has been building up on me through the day, I would probably punch you. I would punch you and smile.
You might say that the verdict is not your fault and that people actually presented good arguments. You might say that the cultural integrity, the religious freedom of the people were being curbed. However, those were opinions of a minority. The people sitting before you in that courtroom did not at any point represent the majority of Hindus, Christians and Muslims. this I say from the heart because I have had friends in all these religious circles and you know what? They are more accepting than a lot of other people in this country.
The questions remains that are we a country governed by religion? Are religion leaders so supreme that you would criminalize the consenting sexual activities of grown men.
Are we a democracy or a religiocracy?
Listen, religious leaders are always offended. They have been offended since, the beginning of time by every small thing. This has lead to violence and anger.
But, at the end of the say, we are all fighting for love here.
I won’t say the religions are wrong, but, I say judge if tomorrow they say that every sexual activity that you have had is against the order of nature. If they become policemen and say that two men living together should be burned at the stake because you have made it illegal. What will you do?

I hope that chair is strong your honor, because if I was in your place, I would fall.

Your’s sadly
Aditi Saha